More shopping this evening, now in the gentrified neighborhood of Lakeview.  A long, slow bus ride up Broadway cluttered with pedestrians, bicyclists, and people trying desperately to find a place to park.  On another day, after riding through the Loop, I mentioned to the bus driver that it must be hard to navigate these streets downtown.

“Huh,” she said.  “You should see Broadway at 4 a.m.”

Transistor is nowhere as big as this photo makes you think it is.

Transistor is nowhere as big as this photo makes you think it is.

We stopped in at Transistor, a small (really small) boutique that sold prints, albums (strictly vinyl), book, radios, some Arduino kits, and other miscellany.  It’s small, but packed with a lot of stuff.  I bought a neat print of an L train.  I like riding trains.  I like riding trains a lot.

casbahAfter we left Transistor, we walked along Broadway with a lot of other people.  We passed some apartments and condos that were available.  One touted “Walk to the Lake!”, which of course you could, but I pointed out to CVH that meant one thing in the summer and something quite different in the winter when the wind whips in off the water.  We stopped for dinner at the Casbah Cafe.  The spinach pastries, Casbah pizza, and yogurt soup were delicious.  The place was all but empty when we arrived; the owners put us right in the front window, as advertising I guess.

On the way back to the hotel, we stopped in at Eataly and got some pasta and sauce for dinner the next night (our hotel room came with a kitchenette).


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