New book at the library

A Wrong Bed ChristmasI subscribe to the Louisville Free Public Library’s RSS feed, so I can keep track of new books and DVDs that become available.  This allows me to read a lot of books at minimal expense, of course, including books that I wouldn’t want to own anyway.  Occasionally I do end up purchasing a book after reading it if I intend to refer to it again and again.  This works out pretty well; the library gets hundreds of new books each week, and every book that I see reviewed in the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times that piques my interest does shortly show up in the list.

But, geez, some of the stuff they spend their funds on are not books that I think you would find reviewed anywhere.  I wonder how the library even finds out they were published.  For example, this one, now available just in time for Christmas; I thought my blogging software was going to click the “Move to Trash” link on its own:

The Wrong Bed–But the Right Guy!


by Kimberly Van Meter
What do you do when a sexy, naked fireman gets into your bed? If you’re Alexis Matheson, you freak out. But now she’s snowed in with Layton Davis, and suddenly Alexis’s best intentions to behave seem to have disappeared up the chimney. Because a hot ‘n’ naughty firefighter in her bed might be the best Christmas surprise ever…

Where There’s Smoke

by Liz Talley
Emma Rose Brent is sure she’s dreaming when Erik Matheson, her bestie’s überhot older brother–who she’s been crushing on for years–mistakenly slips into her bed, all gloriously naked. But Emma must have been a very good girl this year, because she’s been given the best gift of all: the chance to be really, really bad…


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