Easter, and we went to the U of L’s University Club Easter brunch.  (Charlaine is a member of the University Club at the University of Louisville.  You’d have to ask her how she managed to do that.)


There was grilled leg of lamb, and New York sirloin, and pecan encrusted Tilapia, and super tangy macaroni and cheese, and fluffy biscuits and gravy, and shrimp cocktail (the shrimp appeared to be boiled in-house), and oyster shooters, and anti-pasto, and lots of other stuff.

But the amazing thing was the smoked ham.  One little tiny piece of this, and you didn’t need to ever eat ham again.  I don’t know how they got it so rich.  CVH said it tasted like they injected it with butter, and that’s as close a description as I can come up with, unless it was like eating a pat of ham-flavored butter.

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