Home renovations – Part 4

By now, “renovations” no longer seems to be the right word to use.  “Repair” is closer to the mark.

toiletWe picked out our new toilet.  I was going to have a handyman buddy pick it up and install it with me (he works reasonable) until the Lowe’s salesman told me that they offer next day delivery and install for $185.  Somewhat pricey, but I was in a bit of a hurry to get a toilet working downstairs again, so I paid it.  That was ten days ago.  The installer showed up today and said the toilet would not fit in our bathroom (they don’t make toilets that way anymore he said), and we would have to special order another.  Would arrive in about a week.  Of course, this also means that the chances it will fit the footprint cut in the new vinyl (the wrong vinyl that was installed in there in the first place, remember) are essentially nil, and I will have to replace the flooring in the bathroom again.

I did get the big hole in the entertainment center fixed, but the new blinds aren’t up yet.  Somewhere in all the commotion I lost the bits to my electric screwdriver.

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