Clothes make the man

Back when I was a young buck, I was skinny. When I bought suits, I had them remade to fit very slim.  Some people thought such skinny suits looked funny, but, well, they fit me.

I’m not so skinny anymore, and hardly ever need a suit, but the occasion does arise from time to time where something other than a pullover is called for.

This week I got an email from Men’s Warehouse announcing a sale on Big & Tall suits this weekend. OK, I thought, maybe it is time to replace some of those Talking-Heads-era suits in the closet with something a little more in style. I clicked on the Calvin Klein Grey Extreme Slim Fit to see if they had it in a 42 extra long. No. Not even close. But you can get it in a 54 extra long. Or a 60 regular. Jiminy H Cricket! How in the world can you make an “Extreme Slim Fit” in a 60 regular?!? How many sheep have to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to weave a 60 regular anyway? I don’t think I’m going to be making fun of Bloomberg anymore; I now see what he’s talking about and where this is leading our country.


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