The Best Part of Texas

The Best Part of Texas is that you can get Blue Bell there again, which is still not available in Louisville.

We flew down to Houston today on United (aka Republic) Airlines.  I got a seat with a lot of legroom, although like all airline seats these days, there was no padding, so it’s like sitting in a plywood chair the whole way.  At least I did not get dragged off the plane.


It’s amazing how some airlines have managed our expectations so well.

zoo.rhinoWe went to the zoo with the grandkids.  It was a beautiful day.  We saw the rhinoceros exhibit.

We saw the gorilla exhibit.

Granpa is getting fat.

Granpa is getting fat.

We saw the African village exhibit (GC2 is in the background, playing the drums)

We saw the cheetah exhibit.

Granpa is still fat.

Granpa is still fat.

We saw the birds exhibit.zoo.bird

Then we went to Guidry’s seafood for dinner.  It’s the way food is supposed to be: everybody crammed into a big room, a roll of paper towels on the table, and the waitress dumps a pile of boiled crawfish and boudin and sausage and corn and potatoes and everybody just digs in.  People in the Midwest do not eat this way, to their loss.

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