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At the shopping mall

So we’re walking around the mall, and I notice a number of these signs in the window of a store. “What’s a bogo?” I ask. “What?” “What’s a bogo?.  They have a sale on bogos there.” “No, that stands for ‘Buy one, get one’.  Buy one of something and you get one of something.” “Well, […]

Physical Therapy

I injured myself back in July and was laid up for several weeks.  I got quite weak in the legs, so the doctor sent me to physical therapy. At the clinic, the therapist did an evaluation.  Because I hadn’t been up and walking properly for a while, some of my muscles were stiff, suffering from […]

Things to Come

An old friend of mine just gave me a Raspberry Pi.  It is so cool! When I opened the box, CVH asked “What is it?” “A Raspberry Pi.” “What’s that?” “A computer.” “An old-timey computer, or a new computer?” “A brand new computer.  The latest version.” “A toy, then.” “Yes.” After I got it connected […]

One day you wake up and look in the mirror

I had the day off today, and CVH told me to go to the grocery store.  I waited until about 9:30, figuring traffic and crowds would be at a minimum then. Got to the Kroger, and holy smoke!  The place was crawling with old retired people. How did that happen?

Just when you think you’ve seen it all

CVH and I went to our local Kroger today to pick up some groceries.  As we went down one aisle, we passed the magazine display.  They had easily over a hundred different magazines for sale.  CVH is a big NBA fan, and decided to look for a basketball magazine.  They didn’t have one, not even […]

The Amazing Ameche

About fifty years ago, I made my first picturephone call.  My grandmother took me to the Prudential building in downtown Chicago, where Bell had a demo system set up. (You can see a picture of what the Pru looked like then.)  I stood in a line until I was able to speak with another kid […]

Don’t Worry…We Unhappy

New research shows where the happiest and unhappiest cities in the United States are.  Unsurprisingly, at the top of the unhappiest list are places like New York City, Detroit, Pittspurgh, and, God help them, Buffalo.  But right there at “third most unhappy city in the country” is Louisville. Now, I’m certainly not going to argue […]

I’m not the one with the identity crisis

I am still, and always have been, Conrad Reynolds, however that other guy who shows up when you google me is apparently continuing to have problems with his name. According to CNN, he was born Conald Reynolds, and took up Conrad when he didn’t like being called Connie – sounded like a girl, he thought […]


This morning we went to see the fancy waterfront park Owensboro has built along the banks of the Ohio River.  It’s really very nice.  They have fountains and a music shell and a huge playground that must have cost an arm and a leg: But as with everything today, it seems, there are “rules” attached […]

Clothes make the man

Back when I was a young buck, I was skinny. When I bought suits, I had them remade to fit very slim.  Some people thought such skinny suits looked funny, but, well, they fit me. I’m not so skinny anymore, and hardly ever need a suit, but the occasion does arise from time to time […]