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Chicago Cats and Dogs

It dawned very cold today in Chicago; below freezing and the wind made it feel even colder.  I planned to spend the morning in the nice warm Field Museum. Got on the bus to the museum district and sat behind a woman with a nose stud (I will never get used to those) and her […]

Southside with me

Five years ago, we visited Chicago and accidentally stumbled across the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago.  This is a small but absolutely fascinating collection of Middle and Near East antiquities.  We didn’t have enough time to thoroughly explore then, so I decided I was going to make up for that on this visit. […]

Chicago Time

CVH needed to attend a professional conference this year, and decided on the American Society on Aging’s annual get-together in Chicago.  I decided to take the week off and tag along. The day started well before sunrise, like most days in Louisville (people do like getting up early in this town for some reason), and […]

Brown County

The mornings are getting chill, the days shorter, the trees are taking on vermillion hues, and like the swallows to Capistrano, Hoosiers in south-central Indiana make their annual trek to Brown County. Well, we don’t live in Indiana, but Brown County is only about two hours away.  So we decided to take a day off […]

A last day of vacation

We arose to face a rainy morning in the Windy City.  I ate the leftovers from the Vietnamese restaurant. After reviewing our options, we decided to take a cab to the Art Institute.  Turns out that the Art Institute is a very popular place on rainy mornings.  I suspect bad weather is directly responsible for […]

All kinds of Chicago

The #3 bus took us down Michigan Avenue to Yolk, a breakfast place.  It was packed at nine-thirty in the morning.  Don’t these people have to work?  Are they all tourists?  Well, it was delicious and filled us up. We then walked over to the Money Museum at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.  This […]

The Nairobi Trio

We visited the Museum of Broadcast Communications.  It houses the Radio Hall of Fame, which consists of more than a bunch of old radios, although the radios are cool.  They have a 1912 Marconi, like the one that Titanic used to send its SOS.  But the Hall of Fame honors famous people in the radio […]

Chicago Botanical Garden

It’s a long, long way from downtown to the Chicago Botanical Gardens, but they are a real treat.  Even though their self-proclaimed “world-class” bonsai exhibit was closed, it is still a magical place. CVH liked the flowers and waterfall. I liked the “Island of the Immortals”.  Seen here in the distance, it’s beautiful, and you […]


More shopping this evening, now in the gentrified neighborhood of Lakeview.  A long, slow bus ride up Broadway cluttered with pedestrians, bicyclists, and people trying desperately to find a place to park.  On another day, after riding through the Loop, I mentioned to the bus driver that it must be hard to navigate these streets […]

Lincoln Square

Shopping this morning at the mall in the little neighborhood of Lincoln Square.  There were lots of stores, including a couple of great toy stores, an old-fashioned style apothecary, a nice bookstore, and Gene’s Sausage Shop. Gene’s is a real find.  Wonderful sausage, deli items, groceries, and imported items at by far the best prices […]